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who is having in dept knowledge how to sell technical applications, maintenance philosophies and strategies to decision makers, primarily to the Danish maritime segment.

Uhre & Nybæk is representing some of the most innovative companies, with in equipment for optimizing – cost reduction for the performance and maintenance based upon condition monitoring.
Uhre & Nybæk are representing some of the most innovative companies in the market within condition monitoring equipment. Together with our suppliers we have the common goal to reduce maintenance costs and optimize efficiency on assets for our customers.

We need your effort and skills to expand our visibility and engagement into this very important market.

Our main focuses are torque equipment with an onboard condition monitoring module for engines and vibration Condition Monitoring Systems, applicable for the rest of the rotating equipment, used onboard ships.
Presenting our superior vibration products from Fluke and assist our experts within this area, to‘come aboard’ and present these products and their benefits. You will have to introduce torque measurements and the powerful Condition Monitoring System, Datum Hawk from Datum Electronics.

Service is also in our DNA and we travel all around the globe, to install systems, vibration troubleshooting and perform alignment.

We also provide maintenance strategy solutions as a part of our business, these products you must also present from time to time via Uhre & Nybæk subsidiary CSC Reliability.
CSC Reliability are focused on Asset Management and Reliability which of course relates to Uhre & Nybæk portfolio.

Your profile? Sales representative understanding technical aspects in the engine room and with capability to sell Condition Monitoring maintenance philosophy and Systems to decision makers knowing and understanding the mechanisms in the maritime segment but not limited to this.

Who we are? a young company with focus within Condition Based Maintenance and experts in vibration measurement – analytics and alignment services. We will soon be certified – approved by some of the classification societies and with this, securing our procedures and competences.

Our employees are our most important resources and the most important communicator of the Uhre & Nybæk spirit to our customers. Our motto is, ‘we should have fun while we work’ and we mean it literally. Empathy, trust, openness and ownership are, among many other things, what we have and show. You must of course be able to recognize this in yourself, as a truism.

Applications must be sent to admin@uhrenybaek.dk with relevant information. If you have any questions, please call Claus Stadsbjerg Nybæk on +45 5373 6420 – claus@uhrenybaek.dk.

We will hold interviews on an ongoing basis and will announce when we no longer are searching. You are of course always welcome to submit an unsolicited application and we will of course save the applications we receive for any later use (with respect to GDPR legislation).